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Generic Top Level Domains are the new .coms

.coms are great but do you know about all the new domain extensions ...

.live, .fit, .band, .run,.online, .club, .photography, ...... 

Gigis Domains Current Auctions- GTLDomain

Bid Now: Gods.Auctions 11/11


Bid Now: Peace.Auction


Bid Now: FYI.Auction ongoing


Coming Jan 1st 2020...Penny Zone Auction...

Perfect and affordable

 Penny zone makes it easy and affordable for small businesses and individuals to find the perfect domain for their online presence.

online store, eCommerce, mom and pops, corporations, LLc, enthusiasts, media, TV, society, traders, novelist, blogger, taxi, lovers, artists and dreamers.

 Get yours now! 

 I was tired of going online to find my perfect name would cost me as much as  my first year of business  would.   But not today!

Check out my listings and I am hopeful what you seek is there. Peace, love and Hugs... Gigi

Search Engines love GTL Domains

 This world is every changing and most everyone will need their own online business in the near future. Walk in stores are moving to the internet and thousands of new start ups are coming the internet every day.  The new names are being indexed to the top of the search engines these days at lightning speed due to perfect key words. Like all things new it will take a couple of years to get the word out to the publlic that these names are available so please help me spread the word. 

Dont fight the Investor

The investors are busy buying what is left of the .coms, and for million dollar companies who buy them, that is awesome. But most people are like you and me, and we just want our name to be what our business is..

Its your time to Shine with your own keyword names that have been created due to these popular high key word words.



 (coming soon)

they just look and sound better.

Look amazing on Business cards, 

 will streamline with shorter urls

Penny.Zone Auction 01/01/20


Gigis will be selling over 8 thousand domains in two Auctions: Peace.Auction 07-14 and Gods.Auction 11-11

Penny Zone Domain Auction

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Gigis will be selling over 8 thousand domains in two Auctions: Peace.Auction 07-14 and Gods.Auction 11-11

Gigi will auctioning over 8 thousand domains over the next 6 months to get this business rolling. I am sharing the love! Just wait and see!  Many of those 8k domains will not be sold, and I unless I organize a systme somehow, I might forget about them and never sell them.  So, here it is,  and you will love it! Come join the "Even better than a Penny Auction-Auction".    Beginning  July 1 st I will start listing those awesome Top level, and Generic Level domains at minimal prices.  The tld and gtld domains can have est values up to 20k. So check back each day because you never know when that gold coins will drop and you don't want to miss the fun. This event is sponsored by Gigis Domains, 25% of all proceeds  go To our Future, dream site and Charity foundation, Emmasway, in honor of my beloved Em. Peace, Luv and Hugs... Gigi

Penny Zone Domain Auction